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Wednesday, 02 November 2016 18:14

Arkitectural Renovation

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When I first started training at Arkitect Fitness I went in with the goal of correcting my posture. After being an LMT for ten years, my back, despite frequent bodywork, was starting to hurt regularly and I needed something to counteract being hunched over all day.

I had known Tony, the owner of Arkitect Fitness, for a few years and knew he was a phenomenal coach and trainer. Despite knowing that, the idea of lifting weights was really intimidating. I had always done cardio driven workouts - Zumba, boot camps, running, and yoga. Despite never actually seeing any change from those types of workouts, that was my comfort zone.

Admittedly, I was apprehensive about joining. Arkitect was unlike any gym I had ever been to and completely foreign to me. When are the aerobic classes? Why is there next to no cardio equipment? Why are those people dropping weights from the air?

My program began March 2015. Yes, MY program. I got a binder with exercises specific to my goals. That was pretty cool. I wasn’t going to be doing some standard program everyone in the gym was hammering through and this made me excited; it removed that feeling of needing to be better than the person next to me. I was doing my own workout for my own body’s issues. My program started out at three days a week because that was all that I had time for. Or so I told myself. At that point in my life I was hyper focused on my job and there was “No Time” for anything else. Tony soon taught me that kind of thinking actually translated to “it isn’t a priority”.


Around January 2016, I found out that Tony had snuck in a fourth day into my program. He said he thought I could handle it... and he was right. It was around this time that I began to utilize the nutrition coaching that Arkitect provides in addition to my fitness program. I had to make drastic changes to my diet in order to heal my body naturally from autoimmune flare-ups I had been having. I worked with Katie, my coach, on this. Katie first began with helping me to realize how much I was under eating. I had never once thought I under ate. We discovered this through tracking and journaling my food consumption. If I wanted to work as much as I do and train regularly, I was going to need to eat double what I was used to – at least. When she told me she wanted to see me getting over 2,000 calories a day I thought she was kidding; with a large amount of food sensitivities this seemed impossible. Katie went through great lengths to send me recipes, links to blogs pertaining to my restrictions, and listened to my emotional withdrawals from the foods I once loved.

Katie Website photo editedCOACH KATIE

What was really amazing was as I ate more and more (of good foods, not junk), my energy level increased and my body stopped storing fat from under eating. My immune system improved and suddenly, the muscle I had gained from training actually started to show!


During mission nutrition, Tony started questioning my goals. “Ahh, I don’t know, to be healthy!?” was my response when asked what my goals were. Tony, or T-pain as I like to call him, told me to set some goals for myself. Hm… Let me think for a while. Truth be told, I hadn’t had a personal goal for myself, that didn’t pertain to my business/career, since high school, maybe. It took me over a month to come up with goals and I’m really grateful that Tony pushed me to do this. This one act of motivation has played a huge role in the happiness I embody today. I went from only having “time” to train three days a week, to making it a priority to train five days a week. My single goal to pull my posture back morphed into doing unassisted pull-ups, chin-ups, heavy weighted back squats, and running in Mudderella New England. Here is the kicker, that weightlifting I was so intimidated about? I now have two Weightlifting competitions under my belt!

View my competition video!

captainWhat has been so great about Arkitect Fitness is the constant encouragement to step out of my comfort zone. Tony is really good at this. He is very educated and knows how to articulate that knowledge to help inspire you to be better. He also doesn’t sugar coat things. No really… there is a sign at the gym stating this. If you are doing something wrong he is going to let you know. He is a real stickler for proper form and body mechanics. You want this in a trainer; it keeps you from getting injured. If you’re doing it wrong, you’re going to have to stop, take the weight off, and start from scratch until he feels you are going to do the exercise correctly. If you are holding back and he can tell you are capable of more, he will make sure to let you know!

steph katThe unsung hero in all this is Coach Kat. She works alongside Tony and she too is fabulous at what she does. Like Tony, she is committed to making sure you are applying the proper body mechanics to what you are doing and she does so with her own unique energetic flare! She is the queen of positive reinforcement, which I personally find really helpful. Kat coached me through my first Weightlifting meet when I was extremely nervous. She was able to help calm me down, but at the same time light a fire under me to get up there and do my very best. Like Katie and Tony, she has listened with genuine interest to my personal struggles with nutrition, training obstacles, and the general stresses of life. Her positive attitude and obvious passion for what she does is inspiring. She has been a huge motivator for me.

My experience at Arkitect Fitness has been outstanding. They have challenged me, supported me and helped me become the healthiest I have ever been. Yes, I am the one getting myself to the gym and I am the one making good food choices, I do the work. However, they provide the knowledge, programming, coaching, and support necessary to help me reach my goals. I have gained strength and power as a result of Tony’s programming – not just physically, but mentally. Strength is empowering and that empowerment has carried into all aspect of my life.

In my opinion Arkitect Fitness isn’t even a gym, but rather a community of people who are trying to be better than they were yesterday. A community who genuinely wants to see you improve yourself. I came into Arkitect Fitness with a sore back and no “time” for taking care of myself. A year and a half later, my back pain is gone, I am the happiest and healthiest I have ever been, and I have discovered strength within my body that I never knew I was capable of. I would not feel as amazing as I do today if it wasn’t for the team at Arkitect Fitness.

Thank you Tony, Kat, and Katie! You all are amazing!  

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Stephanie Jefferson

Business owner of Intuitive Touch Massage Therapy and Bodywork LLC Stephanie graduated from NHTI in 2005 with her Associates degree in Human Services-Mental Health. She then pursued her degree in Massage Therapy at North Eastern Institute of Whole Health, graduating in 2006. Stephanie has since become a Reiki Master, certified in Massage Cupping™ and Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy (aka: Deep Feet Therapy).

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